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Searching for a date Online But don’t know where to find one?

– Mobile Dating Apps
The big promise of dating apps like Tinder (or if you’re gay, Grinder) is that it’s highly local.
The listings that you get can be tracked from where you are as located by your phone.
Sounds awesome, right?
For the most part, it works in a very awesome way.
The downside is that spammers have gotten wind of how these mobile dating apps work.
Not surprisingly, there has been a trend of more and more profiles being actually commercial in nature.
If this isn’t bad enough, a lot of sophisticated spammers are actually using artificial intelligence (AI) software that mimics real conversations.
There is a documented case of somebody talking to a woman that he thought was real off Tinder, and their conversation extended over 20 lines until the fake account dropped the link.
That’s how sophisticated spam has become on mobile dating apps.

I’m not saying that this should be a deal killer for you, but you have to remember what you’re up against.
As more and more spammers make upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 a month off Tinder, you would realize that there’s a tremendous amount of commercial pressure to increase the spam on mobile apps.
– Free Hookup Websites
There are a lot of free sex hookup websites on the Internet that are absolutely free.
You don’t have to pay a monthly recurring fee,
you don’t have to hassle with payment.
The downside is that most of them are fake.
The downside is that most of them are constantly aimed at making money off your time.
You don’t have to pay for them but for every ad you click, there’s a chance that you would actually make money for the website.
This is a tremendous incentive for unscrupulous marketers to put up fake dating sites.

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